Snow falls, a dog barks
    Wheels of steel on metal rails
    Sunrays on the fur of a cat
    A wheat field sways in the wind
    A child and ist toy
    Goodbye on platform three
    A cloud the shape of a ship
    Sails on by in a sea of blue.

    Lumi are the musical equivalent of ‚slow food’. Where other might go for fast food, they want to enjoy their meal slowly to savour all its flavours. As slowly and steadily as a snow flake.

    Lumi is the singer Ndaja Stoller and they keyboard-player Oli Kuster. On „All These Things“, they take you on enchanted trip, linking stray thoughts, vague images and dreamlike sequences.
    These songs develop at their kitchen table or in their rehearsal room, on trips to Palagnedra or Seelisberg.

    Lumi’s musical home i jazz music, but they want to expand ist borders.
    Their music is warm, childlike, charming, gently grooving and strangely captivating.

    Lumi is the Finnish word for „snow“.

      The Musicians

      Nadja Stoller – vocals, accordeon, gadgets
      Oli Kuster – piano, wurlitzer
      Luca Sisera – bass
      and live:
      David Meier – drums

        Contact Lumi
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