European Americana at its best!
Pink Pedrazzi and Pascal Biedermann are singer/songwriters from Basel, Switzerland. It is a while that they've pooled their talent. With this fourth CD, they've come up with the most enticing collection of songs in their career - with guests such as master guitarists Hank Shizzoe and Oli Hartung, who also produced the recording, drummers Rob Kloet (Nits) and Sam Baur (Stop the Shoppers) and singer Shirley Grimes.
"Marfa" contains original songs and cover versions of material by Gillian Welch, Richard Thompson and The Young Rascals.

    A town full of stories

    Marfa is a small town in Western Texas where highways 67 and 90 meet, fourty miles from the Mexican border. An endless high plain with an endless sky. The town gets its name from the novel "The Brothers Karamasow" by Fjodor Dostojevski. It is here that "Giant", the last film with James Dean was shot; Dean, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson lived at the "El Paisano", a hotel that is still working. The Coen Brothers shot their movie "No Country for Old Men". During the second World War, German prisoners of war lived in the hangars of Marfa. These buildings were bought up by Donald Judd, the New York artist who then proceeded in establishing permanent exhibitions of hios work there. At night, one can see strange occurences of lights outside of town: The Marfa lights. Some say that they're the souls of Indian chiefs who fell in combat, other that these are simply the headlights of cars that are reflected by the atmosphere. Maybe the car that James Dean rode towards California and his early death.

    Marfa is a town full of stories, stories that can be found on the Moondog Show's new album. They are small and bigger stories, about asstronauts who don't make it to the moon, about musicians dreaming about that elusive guitar-shaped swimming pool, about a cab driver who wishes that his customers would just walk, and about Darlene who still waits for Jimmy Dean to reappear. - And when the Moondog Show plays "Groovin'", one could believe it to be a new single by Isaac Hayes. The Moondog Show - guitars and melodies. Blues, roots rock and rock'n'roll from Switzerland

      The band

      Pink Pedrazzi - vocals guitars
      Pascal Biedermann - guitars vocals
      Patrick Sommer - basses
      Peter Wagner - drums (keyboards on CD)