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This is an alphabetical listing of our artists' portfolios and more information.
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    Avalanche Quartet

    A Dutch star-band interprets the songs of the Canadian poet Leonard Cohen.
    Henk Hofstede - vocals, guitar (Nits)
    Marjolein van der Klauw - vocals, guitar (Powderblue)
    Arwen Linnemann - bass, vocals (ex-Nits)
    Pim Kops - piano, accordeon, guitar, vocals (DeDijk)
    & sporadic guest
    Oli Hartung - guitars (Stop the Shoppers)

      Simon Ho & Ho Orchestra

      Simon Ho chooses different formats to take his genre-transcending songs out on the road.

      The six-piece band:
      Simon Ho - keyboards
      Shirley Grimes - vocals
      Vera van der Poel - vocals
      Oli Hartung - guitars
      Monic Mathys - basses
      Andi Hug - drums

      The expanded version goes by the name of Ho Orchestra
      Henk Hofstede - vocals (Nits)
      Rob Kloet - drums (Nits)
      Mari Kaasinen/Susan Aho/Johanna Virtanen - vocals (Värttinä)
      Markku Lepistö - accordeon
      Titia van Krieken - keyboards, vocals
      Arwen Linnemann - basses

      Simon also likes to play concerts as a duo with Shirley Grimes on vocals.

        Kissing Disease

        To quote Lou Reed: "Nothing can beat two guitars, bass and drums". With the possible exception of this classic rock'n'roll line-up being expanded by a charismatic singer. These five young gents are proud to have roots in bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Who - classic British rock.

          Pekka Lehti & Markku Lepistö

          Accordion player Markku Lepistö and bassist Pekka Lehti share a common history in the enormously successful Finnish folk ensemble Värttinä. Today, the duo operates at the forefront of contemporary acoustic music with a distinct Nordic influence and a strong sense of musical dialogue.

          Pekka Lehti - bass
          Markku Lepistö - accordeon


            Nadia Leonti takes her psychedelic rock or "scary pop" songs out on the road with her efficient band backing her unique voice.

            Nadja Leonti - vocals, guitar
            Stefan Strittmatter - bass, vocals
            Manuel Neubauer - keyboards
            Andi - drums


              Their delicate songs deserve sensitive players!
              Nadja Stoller - vocals, accordeon, loops and gadgets
              Oli Kuster - keyboards
              Luca Sisera - bass
              - drums

                Moondog Show

                The river Rhine that flows through the city of Basel might just be the Mississippi of Europe. The Moondog Show hail from this city. Their name harks back to the early days of rock'n'roll - and this where they find their roots. Elements of country and folk, blues and rock'n'roll can be found in the beautiful songs of Pink Pedrazzi and Pascal Biedermann.

                Pink Pedrazzi - lead vocals, guitar
                Pascal Biedermann - guitars, vocals
                Patrick Sommer - bass
                Peter Wagner - drums


                  Songs in Swiss German with a southern atmosphere.

                  Harry Lehnherr - vocals, guitar, mandolin
                  Blue La Trüff - guitar, accordeon, vocals, harmonica, percussion
                  Tom Felix - drums
                  Thommy Spiegelberg - bass, vocals
                  Beat Zeller - guitars, dobro


                    One of the most explosive and interesting bands in Switzerland, drawing on everything from folk to pop - with very strong and ironic lyrics.

                    Manuel Stahlberger - vocals
                    Christian Kesseli-Gallusser - guitars, wurlitzer
                    Marcel - bass
                    Michael Gallusser - lead guitar
                    Dominik Kesseli - drums

                      Trio Euter

                      Swiss folklore as you've never heard it before - old lyrics with new, rootsy sounds and the energy of a punk band with acoustic instruments.

                      Aldo Caviezel - vocals guitar
                      Andy Marti - bass vocals
                      Erich Güntensperger- drums