Büne Huber

Büne is the leader of one of Switzerland's most famous acts, the composer of Patent Ochsner's big hits such as "Belpmoos" or "Gummiboum". He is a longstanding Nits-fan.

Here is one of Patent Ochsner's most famous pieces: W.nuss vo Bümpliz (Venus from Bümpliz, a suburb of Berne)

    Luka Bloom

    Luka is one Ireland's great singer/songwriters and guitarists, author of songs such as "You couldn't have come at a better time" or "Gone to Pablo", and man unafraid to cover songs by U2, LL Cool J or ABBA.
    A chance encounter with Nits in a Dutch radio studio resulted in an impromptu session and to his collaboration here.

    How true:

      Heidi Happy

      One of Switzerland's national treasures, the wonderful Heidi has released four solo albums and collaborated with Stephan Eicher and Yello.

      One of her songs:
      "My love won't wait for you"

        How you can help

        For more info go here: http://facon7.wix.com/nits-cover

        And please help us realize this project.

            More artists involved

            For the past months, musicians from everywhere have committed themselves to this Project, for example Värttinä from Finland, Chercheurs d'Or from Québec/Canada, Francoiz Breut from France. There are international artists living in Switzerland, such as Sarah Bowman (USA), Shirley Grimes (Ireland) and Gus MacGregor (GB). And there are many Swiss musicians too: singer/songwriters such as Elia Rediger and Baum from Basel, Fiona Daniel and Reza Dinally from Zurich - but also internationally renowned artists who work outside stylistic borders such as Fritz Hauser, Hans Feigenwinter, Wolfi Zwiauer or Mich Gerber.