The films

Some 50 or even 60 years ago, Swiss film was very popular. Films such as "Dällebach Kari" or "Es Dach über em Chopf" ("A roof above our heads") offer glimpses of a very different country from modern Switzerland. Film director Kurt Früh often found his stories amongst the poor and the outcast of Swiss society; often there would Italian immigrants, a new phenomenon at that time.
Music and songs played a big role in many of these films. We have dug some of these out to be updated for modern times.

    The sounds

    For this project, a Swiss all star-band was assembled by guitarist and producer Oli Hartung.
    Hendrix Ackle - keyboards (Philip Fankhauser Band)
    Jüre Schmidhauser - bass (Züri West)
    Andi Hug - drums (Patent Ochsner)
    Oli Hartung - guitars

    & guests
    Hank Shizzoe - lap steel guitar
    Christian Brantschen - accordeon (Patent Ochsner)
    Simon Ho - piano
    Christoph Merki - saxophone
    & the singers
    Polo Hofer
    Endo Anaconda
    Big Zis
    Claudia Bettinaglio
    Sibylle Aeberli
    Michael von der Heide
    Resli Burri