The project

On November 17th 2006, we have published "Album Omnium Temporum Latine Cantatum Optimum" - meaning, the best Latin album of all times.
Latin as in language, not musical style.
Tracks ranging from hip hop to rock'n'roll, from trip hop to Finnish tango show, show that Latin is not a dead language!
Featured artists, amongst others: Steeleye Span, Hooke feat. Divera, Akku, Garmarna.

Rock, rap, electronica, tango & rock'n'roll - sung in Latin!
Latin is hip! In Germany, the number of students of this language has increased by 9% last year. We pick up the trend with this CD which shows, that pop music has its roots in ancient Rome.

We at Faze Records have dug into archives of popular music and come up with astonishing results.
The Finnish Latin professor Dr. Ammondt sings tango and Elvis - of course in Latin! The German rappers of Ista take hold of a poem by Catull ("Odi et amo") and reflect on power and colonialismus with lyrics taken from Caesar, Vergil and Tacitus ("Tu romane"). The Swedish electonic folk-band Garmarna has set poems of the mystic Hildegard von Bingen to music, the British synth wizard Thomas Dolby sings about "Armageddon". Steeleye Span even had a top ten-hit in their native England ("Gaudete") in the early Seventies. Switzerland has its own representatives: the experimentalists Brico Jardin from Geneva who deal with Suetons description of the emperor Neros orgies, and the Bernese one-woman-band akku who has written one of the two original compositions for this sampler. Ehook feat Divera from Amsterdam contribute their version of Catull's most beautiful love poem. This colelction of 13 songs shows the timelesness of Latin! Nunc saltate!

    Carmina in hoc disco phonographico Latino inclusa

    Thomas Dolby (GB)
    Dr Ammodt (SF)
    Garmarna (S)
    Sarah Pillow (USA)
    akku (CH)
    Ehook feat. Divera (NL)
    Brico Jardin (CH)
    Ista (D)
    Steeleye Span (GB)
    The Electric Prunes (USA)